Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Ok, better late than never, right?  Of course we celebrated Father's Day ON Father's Day, but I'm a little late in getting the post up...our last week of school/first week of summer vacation was quite eventful!

We started last Father's Day weekend with making ice cream on Saturday (I finally planned ahead so the ice cream would be firm by dinner time).  Tom had requested strawberry ice cream, and here's Dominik helping by putting ice cubes in the ice cream machine.  There was plenty for both Saturday and Sunday dinner.  Dominik scored a new Angels hat the night before.

Then after church on Sunday, Tom did the most relaxing thing for him: watering his plants.  Dominik liked that because he got watered too.

Konrad got in on the action too...he actually changed into beach wear for the occasion.

Lukas was busy playing with a radio that he'd taken apart, but finally he got involved, too, and it devolved into an all-out hose fight. That's Natalie in her swimwear, enjoying the crossfire.

Everyone got drenched, except me!  Whoo hoo!

After the backyard was completely wet, everyone dried off and played in the front yard, then we had carne asada for dinner, Tom's request.  And more ice cream, of course.  What a fun Father's Day for the best Dad out there.  Thanks, Tom, for caring for the kids and me, and for being such a fun Dad.  We love you!

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Tom said...

That was a great day. I guess that as I get older I like a Father's Day with just a few significant and fun things to focus my attention on. Water play. Ice Cream. Carne Asada, rice and beans. And don't forget the tie! Thank you kids!