Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beach day

We haven't been to the beach in a while, so it was providential when Betsy invited us to visit them on their stay-cation to Newport Beach (they rent a beach house there every year) and Tom had the Friday off, so we went! 

Buckets of water hauled in to make sand castles.

Konrad, Natalie, John and Dominik working together.

I think Ruthie is giving Lukas some boogie boarding pointers.

Ruthie was like a big sister to Natalie, holding her hand so she wouldn't lose her balance in the waves.  Such a sweetie!

Pete is quite the sandcastle builder!  Here are most of the kids helping out.

Dominik didn't want to play in the waves...he did a lot of running away.

Until someone dug him a hole, he was happy to play in that water!

Betsy and I caught up on kids and homeschooling while Ruthie and Natalie played in the waves.

Elijah, Luke and Lukas went out to the end of the jetty (Tom, the geographer, says it's really a "groin", but this is a family blog) to catch 3" crabs.

And this is what happens when you've played hard at the beach!

Tom was obviously there too...he took all the pictures, but I took none of him!  Thanks for letting me catch up with Betsy, Tom!

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