Thursday, July 5, 2012

World RTS Day

Ok, I'm a little slow in getting the post up, but we did celebrate the first ever World RTS Day (RTS = Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome) on July 3.  And before I post 4th of July, I should post 3rd of July, right?  Catherine was so wonderful to invite us over on July 3 to celebrate our RTS kids, and it was perfect!  Water and books, what more could an RTS kid ask for?

Natalie is feeding the guinea pig they're babysitting, while Keira and Julia look on.

Natalie's first time down the water slide...she was a little timid, but after she got wet, she went down it a lot!  Julia is encouraging her in the background.

This one shot shows all our kids, except Keira, who decided she had had enough water already.  Natalie is at the bottom of the slide on the right, trying to swim after sliding down.  Alexa is in the middle cautioning Natalie to move out of the way of the next person sliding.  Dominik is in the front, too timid to get wet (believe me, I tried to convince him to just wade in the pool and he didn't want to).  Julia at the top of the slide, and Lukas and Konrad racing to see who gets up first.  Quite a playground!

I was so proud of Natalie, climbing this ladder with cross-pattern.  I spotted her, of course, but she climbed it many times by herself.

The two honorees of the day, Natalie and Julia!

Dried off and dressed, Julia loved showing off her room.  She was especially proud of her wall of pictures.

Natalie loved Julia's book collection, and started reading on Julia's bed, just like she does at home.

Posing with Julia's elephant.

All the kids together...what a fun day!  Thanks Catherine!

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