Friday, August 10, 2012

In which I lose two children and gain two children

Patrice had been planning to take Lukas and Konrad to Legoland for a few weeks.  We didn't tell them (!) until she arrived this morning to pick them she got to ask them herself, and Tom and I got to NOT have them asking every day "how many more days until Aunt Patrice takes us to Legoland?"

Here they are, ready to head off!  It was funny that this morning was one of the very rare occasions where they didn't ask me "what are we doing today?" so I didn't have to come up with something vague and interesting.

Natalie and Dominik watched them leave out the window...but they weren't too sad to see them go...

...because Aunt Patrice left new matchbox cars...

...and new princess books for them to enjoy!

Then...Adam and Espie came over to spend the day.  Seth and Yoce are packing and getting their house ready to move, so it was the perfect day for me to help watch kids.  It's actually INCREDIBLY quiet in our house without my older boys here.

We played outside in the slip n slide, but Espie just wanted to swing.

Natalie's enjoying the water spraying in her face, Dominik and Adam are on the slip n slide and Espie is swinging.

Natalie and Dominik swinging.

It took a little while for Adam to get the hang of sliding on his belly, but once he got it, he wanted to do it over and over and over again.

More fun this afternoon!

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