Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Last (Summer) Hurrah!

The Happy Ones had their last big vacation for the Summer.  This was a big vacation.  Probably the biggest we have had since our road trip to Ohio in 2010.  We went to Catalina Island for one week, which included a boat ride.  Let me describe the boat ride and Cindy can fill you in on the rest.  We had enough luggage for our one week stay and then some (pack-in-play, toys...)  What we did not have was enough hands to carry the luggage.  I ended up putting half of the luggage on a hand truck, which was a challenge to pull up a moving and sloped gangway (ramp).  Getting aboard the boat was also a task with 400+ people boarding in less than 30 minutes.  Cindy gave herself and the kids Dramamine the night before so they would not be sleepy for the morning ride over.  Unfortunately she still became sea sick along with Lukas and Konrad, and Konrad ended up throwing up.  Fortunately I do not get sea sick so I was tending to Dominik who was fussy (sea sick too?) and Natalie who was not content with sitting in her seat.  Seeing land and getting off the boat was a great relief.  The ride back was much much better, but before we get there we need to fill you in on the rest of the vacation.

 Waiting in line to board the Catalina Flyer.  It was easier to keep Natalie quiet when she's in the stroller, and she's happy there because she knows it means she won't have to walk!

Konrad and Dominik find a jungle gym while we're waiting.

When will the boat leave?

Now we're pulling out of Newport Harbor.

This isn't when Konrad got sick...he's putting M&Ms in his mouth.  He didn't get sick until 5 minutes before we docked in Catalina.

Dominik was smiling, before he started thrashing around.  After this picture, half of us started to not feel so well, so no more pictures until we land.

Tune in tomorrow for more about our great trip to Catalina Island!

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Sarah said...

How fun! I love taking the flyer over there. What a great experience for them!

- Sarah