Thursday, August 23, 2012

Arriving in Avalon

We made it!  After a 90-minute boat ride from the mainland, we arrived in Avalon on Santa Catalina Island.  Our rental house was ready right after lunch, so we settled in.

Here the boys are checking out that relic from the last century, the phone booth near the rental office.

We stayed at 311 Clemente and loved the home...perfect size for us!  The single issue with the house is that there is a definite slope to the floor in the living room and kitchen.  For several days I thought it was the smell from the ubiquitous golf carts that was giving me nausea, but about four days in I finally realized it was the slope to the floor that was making me nauseous.  Basically, the house made me seasick!  When I started taking Dramamine every day, I was fine.  Go figure!

 On our first full day, Tom's friends Shane and Susie picked us up by boat to take us to their home and work:  Campus by the Sea.  It was their day off so they got to show us around the camp.  We had a fabulous time visiting!

The kids loved the playground there.

And the private beach was great too!

Lukas and I went snorkeling for a bit (Konrad tried to snorkel but couldn't bring himself to put his face in the water and breathe).  Lukas did great!  He also got to snorkel another day in Avalon with Tom, and they saw a lot of cool fish.

A view of the cove at Campus by the Sea from the hill.

Thank you Shane and Susie for a wonderful day!

Lukas was the first mate, helping Shane bring the bumper in (while Shane holds on to Lukas!)

Looking back at the beach as we leave.

Dominik had fun, and was able to have a nice long nap before we left, hence his pensive profile.

Back in Avalon, we got cleaned up and went for a walk in the town.  We had a great Chinese meal.

Walking back to the house after dinner.  We walked everywhere, which was great!  No getting kids in carseats for a whole week!

And that was just the first day...more tomorrow!

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