Friday, August 24, 2012

More from Avalon

After the trip to Campus by the Sea on our first day, we settled into a pretty regular routine of going to the beach after breakfast, coming home for lunch, then naps for Natalie and Dominik while either Tom or I took Lukas and Konrad out for afternoon activity.  Then we went out for dinner and a walk.  There is a Vons supermarket in Avalon, so we bought breakfast and lunch ingredients and it worked great to have those meals at home and then plan a dinner out at a restaurant.

This is Natalie's favorite way to enjoy the water:  letting the waves cover her legs.  She did stand up a lot too, and wasn't knocked over too many times!

Konrad on Tom's back, looking for fish.

Dominik wanted to get in on the action!

One of Lukas and Konrad's favorite afternoon activities was riding the human hamster balls.  Here's Lukas getting inside...

 ...and walking his ball onto the pool of water.

Lukas got pretty good at walking inside his ball, where many of the other kids spent most of the time on their hands and knees inside their ball.

Lukas and Konrad, each in a ball.

Konrad, mid-air.

Yes, they loved it!

One of our evening walks to dinner was near the golf course.  Ironic that there are soooo many golf carts in Avalon, but we saw none on the golf course!

And there were a few playgrounds in Avalon too!  Tom loved how Natalie's outfit matches the color of the jungle gym.

The City of Avalon has their animal control and code enforcement out of the same golf cart!

One morning Tom took Lukas fishing off the pier.  Here's Lukas with the first fish he ever caught, an opaleye.

And the second fish he caught was a calico bass.  Both fish were too small keep.

Another afternoon I took the boys to the miniature golf course.  They ended up going with Tom two more times, they loved it so much!

Here we are, in line for the semi-submersible boat (that orange thing behind Lukas) to go on a fish spotting tour.

Well, they feed the fish, so there were a lot of fish to see.  The fish have been conditioned by the tour boats that they get fed whenever a boat comes along.

We had a great time seeing the fish, going back and forth between the two sides of the boat.

Another evening, a friend babysat for us, so Tom and I could go out on a date!  I had to snap a picture of this sign in the restaurant...I wondered, does it work?  Would it work in our home?  Just kidding.

Here's another shot of a funny car.  Besides golf carts, these Chinese-made trucks were the most common transportation (because they're tiny).  Here's one with antlers!  It's advertising a flying fish tour (we didn't risk it on our date in case something happened with the kids and we couldn't get back off a boat to help the babysitter).

Instead, we walked to the Casino and saw a movie (The Bourne Legacy).  Here's a picture of me looking back at the town from the Casino, at sunset.

But wait, there's more!  Tom has promised to comment on some of the pictures from his excursions with the boys, so check in again tomorrow!

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