Friday, August 31, 2012

The day has finally arrived

I cannot believe it!  The day has finally arrived when a big chunk of time from our week has ended.  Yesterday I took Natalie to her last PT session at the clinic.  Next week, her physical therapist will go to Natalie's school to give her weekly therapy session!  At least until next summer, this time-consuming appointment is over.  Therapy sessions have been such a regular part of our life since Natalie was two years old (before she was two, the therapist came to our home) that I almost didn't realize what was happening, and it's so exciting to have such a chunk of the week back. 

Natalie will continue to get 60 minutes of OT, 60 minutes of PT, and two 20-minute sessions of speech therapy at school.

It's so great to have this appointment ending, as we gear up for school to start next week, and other appointments start to become necessary.  Whoo hoo!

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