Saturday, September 1, 2012

The perfect beach day

What an appropriate way to end summer vacation!  We went to the beach and had a perfect day.  Tom and I were talking about how we need to make an effort to go to the beach more, even during the winter, because it's so good for our kids...the beach is not around the corner for us, but we will try to make it happen.

The beach is all about sensory intake for Natalie.  Down dog is her new pose for taking the waves.

Tom built a fun sand mountain and moat, and Dominik is enjoying destroying it.

Look Mom!  A rock!

The tide was going out and the waves were fairly flat, so all our kids could have a fun time.

Even Dominik took some new risks for him and went in the waves.

Tom taught Lukas how to ride the waves in to the shore on the boogie board.

A few of Tom's great artistic shots of Natalie enjoying the beach.

And he even caught me when I wasn't looking!  It was a perfect beach day!

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