Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Musical beds

This post is a little out of order, but I had to be time-sensitive because we made the switch last night:  everyone in a bed, no one in a crib!  New readers may not be aware that we have all three boys in one bedroom:  Lukas and Konrad in bunkbeds on one side of the room and Dominik in a crib on the other side.  Every furniture purchase we make is with the thought of how to get more space out of our tiny home, so when we started talking about Dominik's big-boy bed, we decided to get another loft bed so we could put a desk below it.

Here's how things ended up last night:

Konrad moved to the top bunk and Dominik moved into the bottom bunk.  I love Dominik's new duvet cover and pillowcase, don't you?  Those are planets on the wall, to go with the space theme.

Konrad is so happy to finally be on a top bunk!

That's Lukas' new loft bed.  The crib is still in the bedroom:  I leave the crib for a few nights to make sure the newly released prisoner will stay in bed at night.  If there's any wandering, they can just go in the crib and I won't be up multiple times during the night cajoling them to stay in bed.

Lukas likes his new bed too!

We need to have space for more dressers too, so after the crib goes, we'll be adding some drawers under the bed, while still leaving space for an eventual desk.  If you don't have space, build UP!

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