Wednesday, September 26, 2012


What did you do on the first day of Autumn?  We went to the mountains to pick apples!  I feel so organized that we actually did something appropriate to the season!

 Lukas is practicing his tomahawk throw.

And now it's Konrad's turn!

Washing apples before they get pressed.

Natalie smiling! Such a cutie!

Konrad turning the wheel to grind the apples.

Now Lukas is grinding the apples...

...but it takes Tom to finish the job.

Dominik doesn't quite get what's happening.

Now it's time to press the apple pieces...see all the cider running out the bottom?  YUUU-mmy!

Natalie and I are waiting for the men to make the cider.

 Some happy guy!

Natalie preferred feeding the chickens to picking apples (somehow she only picked apples with worms in them...maybe she liked the spots?)  She enjoyed picking the weeds at her feet and putting the greens in the chicken coop...and they ate it up!

Konrad reaching for a nice juicy apple.

Dominik found a green one!

Don't even try to take my apples away.

I love this picture of Natalie coming down the stairs of the cabin...she's getting a lot better at navigating steps!

And we have lots of freshly picked apples to crisp and delicious.  The kids love coming back to the same farm year after year...Sarah introduced us to this particular one, Riley's Apple Farm.


Sawyer said...

What a perfect activity to do for the first day of Fall! This apples look delicious and it looks like you had a lot of fun.

Sarah said...

Aw it looks like you all had fun. Cindy you are looking good in these photos. Your arms are nice and toned. Glad you had a great day with your family

- Sarah

Kristin @ Petal and Thorn said...

i really want to take sisi to do this! great pics!