Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Homeschooling Stuff

Yesterday was a BIG day at The Happy Ones.  Konrad completed the 100th lesson of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons!!!!  I will take the blame for the completion taking longer than it should have...I intended that he would finish up in June or July, but then summer happened, so we're just now finishing it up.  Konrad is doing great at reading (see the video at the bottom of him reading the first part of the last lesson).

So Konrad finished the book before he turned 5!  I thought for sure Lukas also finished the book before he turned 5, but when I checked the blog (one reason we blog is to keep track of when things happen!) I saw that Lukas finished a month after he turned 5.  I tried to video tape Konrad after he read the story the second time (like I did with Lukas), but he kept on saying, "It's distracting for me when you videotape me reading."  So I only captured him reading the story the first time (of course, he always reads better the second time).

This morning after I was finished teaching his Kindergarten lessons , I picked out a book for him to read to himself and he read it all!  (Ten Apples Up on Top).  He doesn't have as much confidence in reading and he's not the exhibitionist that Lukas was at the same age (see the video to see what I mean!), so Konrad might do better with me just giving him books and letting him read while I listen from a distance to make sure he's on the right track.

More random stuff:  Konrad drew a picture of what is obviously a truck:

But what did he write on it, upside-down?  What is that word?  I had to ask him, and he said, "Truck, Mom.  I accidentally wrote it upside-down on the page."   Wow, he wrote it upside-down AND backwards!

Lukas is learning ancient history and one of the activities in the chapter on the Jews during Syrian times was to play "Spin the Dreidel."  Here he's playing with Konrad and Natalie, and they're using Smarties for the candy.  Fun game!

And here's that proud Kindergartner reading his last lesson:

Of course, we celebrated with a dinner at the restaurant of his choice...Souplantation!  It's a tradition, after all!

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