Thursday, October 11, 2012

First Rain of the Season

Yeah, it rained today!  There was rain before we awoke, and I think I even heard a few rumblings of thunder while we were getting ready this morning.  It seemed to be a little clearer when it was time to take Natalie to school, so we donned our rain jackets and walked to school.  Of course it started drizzling more after we left!  It was still quite light rain, but enough puddles and water running off the school roof for the boys to get wet (on purpose!)

As we walked home, I announced that since all three boys had wet shoes and wet pants, we would have our rain play right when we got home before we started homeschool, so they could then get dry and stay dry all day.  Konrad (the fastidious one) didn't want to...he just wanted to go inside and get dry.  But Lukas and Dominik wanted to play in the rain.

When we arrived home, there wasn't much rain coming down, but our lawn sprinklers were on!  Lukas said we should turn them off, but I pointed out there hadn't really been enough rain to bother turning off the he asked to play in them!  Sure, since there isn't enough rainwater to play in!  No pics of Konrad...he was already getting dry.


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