Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Wrap up

We wrapped up a great week today!  And I took pictures of the kids playing to document something besides the latest trip of the beach.

The high today was only 80 degrees (26C) with much of the day in the mid 70s, so the boys finally wore jeans.  After a summer of only shorts, Lukas can climb the tree again (getting up in it all by himself)...he doesn't like to climb it unless he's wearing long pants (who can blame him!) and he was especially proud to climb higher on the big branch than he's ever gone before.

Yesterday marked four weeks since Natalie started first grade and she's been doing great!  She loves her teacher, and I see progress in Natalie's writing and understanding of math facts since she's started school.  And she's only had two potty accidents at school so far!  WOW!  We are so proud of our Natalie!  Last Friday I noticed she was walking with a limp, and I finally took her to the doctor on Tuesday.  When the doctor asked Natalie why she was there, Natalie said, "My foot still hurts."  Natalie showed the doctor on her foot where it hurt.  This was huge for Natalie.  She couldn't tell us how she hurt it, but the fact that she could show us where it was is great.  We gave her ibuprofen for three days, planning to go back today for x-rays if she wasn't better, but no limp today so no x-rays.  We shall see how Natalie does walking to school next week after a whole week of limousine service (I suspect she will not be happy to walk again, but the exercise is good for all of us.)

Konrad is doing great in Kindergarten.  He learned to print last year, so this year he's doing the cursive curriculum for Kindergarten, and he's doing great!  He already knows how to write the vowels and l, t and b in cursive.  I know he's itching to write his name in cursive, but we're taking it slow and steady.

Dominik will give you a smile, but you have to be quick to catch it before he turns away!

There's that smile!  Dominik is doing great with so many adjustments to his schedule:  he plays by himself for about 60-90 minutes in the morning while I'm teaching Lukas and Konrad.  He has lots of blocks and Legos and puzzles to work on, and the CD player with children's music helps him stretch out the time.  Then his nap schedule is all over the place:  going to pick up Natalie at 2:15 means I had to switch his naptime to start at 12:30 instead of 1 or 1:30; then Tuesdays he doesn't get a nap until 2:45 because I'm also picking up Lukas and Konrad from their once-a-week classes...poor youngest child is so neglected.  But we love our Tuesday mornings together when Dominik is the only one home so I get to spend quality time with just him.  He really talks a lot when it's just him and me.

And the latest news in our family is that Tom and I have joined the 21st century with the iPhone.  They're only iPhone 4 (we got the free ones...we are still frugal!) but it's definitely a step up from our previous cell phones.  Lukas and Konrad were excited because it means GAMES ON MOM'S PHONE!  I downloaded the free version of a game, which Lukas and Konrad played for a while and then got disgusted with because of the advertisements.  I told them they could give me $1 and I'd get the no-advertisements version...which you see them playing below.

How was your week?  Great too, I hope!

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MommyP said...

Sounds like a great week for everyone! I just finally entered the 21st century as well - I got a 3gs so that Stephen can make phone calls with his AAC program. The later iPhone versions have noise cancelling software that make that impossible. I'm glad I got it when I did, though - I can't find another 3gs ANYWHERE for the hubby!!