Thursday, October 4, 2012

More Beachy Days

Last weekend was hot again so we headed to the beach to soak in the sun before it cools down (as it has the second half of the week).

Tom digs a sand pit that gets filled by the occasional wave, and the kids play in the still water.

Lukas is still working on his boarding technique!

Tom shot this picture of me watching the kids...such a relaxing view!

And Natalie doing her favorite thing.  She's gotten so much more steady in the waves...we used to have to hold her hand at all times, but now she can do this so much more by herself.  Even when she gets rolled by a wave, she can get back up by herself (although we're always watching!)

So interesting to see a family with triplet boys...I estimated they were Dominik's age (2.5).  The dad set up an Ez-up, and then put up a big portable fence, with an inflatable pool, filled the pool with water from the ocean, sand toys and a portable slide.  On the beach!  The dad went surfing and the mom and teenage son sat and watched the ocean with the little boys behind them in the pen.  Are the children unable to be in the sun, or is this just the easiest way to manage them?  I didn't ask.  It seemed like an awful lot of work to set up and take down!

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MommyP said...

That looks so fabulous (She says as she sits in a sweater and furry boots...)! You all are so lucky.