Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Yeah!  Natalie is seven!  This morning I asked her how old she was (because she says A LOT "I'm six!"), and she said, "I'm seven!"  Tom and I visited her classroom right after lunch to deliver cupcakes for a quick birthday party.  The teacher said that morning she had tried to get Natalie to tell everyone that it was her birthday, but she clammed up a bit.

A funny habit Natalie has is when she's doing math and the sum is six, she says, "I'm six!"  This is a great opportunity for her to learn math facts for 7s.

Happy Birthday Natalie!  We're so proud of you and pray for a very blessed year for you.

Mom and Dad

Natalie knows it's her birthday, but I think she's a little self-conscious.  Her aide Dana is encouraging her to finish her work so the party can begin.

It was a little windy, but Dana held a shield while I lit the candle and Natalie blew it out without much prompting.

 The teacher had a smart idea: eat the cupcakes outside!

She looked at that cupcake for a long time before she finally took a bite (maybe too soon after lunch).  MMMmmm!


Patty said...

Happy birthday again, Natalie! I'm glad you had such a fun party at school!!

Jacqui said...

Happy Birthday Natalie

I have loved watching you grow up. Such a privilege to be part of your life from a far. You remain an inspiration for us.

Love Jacqui

PS I do read all your mom's blog posts on a google reader, but don't have as much time to post comments as I did in the past. But am following with much joy and interest!