Thursday, January 3, 2013

Still on staycation

Three Four years ago, we went up to Pasadena on New Year's Day to see the floats in person, after the Rose Parade.  This year, we went the day after and it was much less crowded...note to self:  arrive at 9 am and leave at 11 am.  We arrived around 10 and left at 11:30 and it was starting to be a little claustrophobic by the time we left.

Just because goofy photos should be posted once in a while to remind kids to make normal faces...

 The Cars float was a definite hit.

The creativity of these floats!  So cool!

Lukas used our old camera to take pictures...hopefully he will blog some of the photos...if we ever get them off the camera.

And here we are walking back to the car after a fun morning.  This picture doesn't show very many people, but there really were a lot of people there.  Better than four years ago, though!

As we left, a little discussion occurred about who was present the last time we visited the floats...was Konrad born yet or not?  Only by consulting the official record of The Happy Ones (this blog) could we confirm that, yes, Konrad was born and did see those floats.  So we keep blogging, to keep track of our lives.

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Sawyer said...

Love the floats, Sawyer would love the Cars one!

I love blogging for record keeping to!