Friday, January 4, 2013

A Day in The Park

A contingency force of the Happy Ones took our guest, Jordana, to Joshua Tree National Park on Thursday.  The weather was cooperative, with clear skies and temps near 50.  The wind did pick up and made for a miserable time at Keys View.  I took a couple of pictures at Keys View but you could tell from the results we were just trying to survive the cold and the strong winds. 

Jordana loved the rocks, and Lukas and Konrad enjoyed showing her around.  Lukas has developed very good rock scrambling skills, and I finally let him lead us on our last rock scrambling adventure of the day.  Jordana was a worthy scrambler and kept up with us "boys".  Konrad would like to do what everyone else is doing, but he has a few more years of growing (the rocks are big) and developing better coordination (I stayed close by to catch him).  I ended up lifting or lowering Konrad several times in the rocks to keep up with Lukas and Jordana.  I need to get better shoes to keep up with everyone (or at least that is my excuse).  My boots are too stiff and my tennis shoes are too soft.  Now to plan a camping trip.

"Flying" over the rocks

Is that an elephant's trunk we are sitting on?
Konrad said this looked like an alien face

Tucked in a hole in the rock (and out of the wind)
Do you see the "VW" in the rock that Lukas is pointing at?

My turn to descend into the crack

The vista on the way home

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Sawyer said...

That rock really did look like an elephants trunk! This place looks so cool, You guys are so lucky you can do these activities right now. We're stuck in the house freezing with nasty air quality. Maybe we need to be neighbors.