Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sea World

Did I mention we got Sea World passes?  Annual passes are not much more than the cost of one visit, so we got passes and have gone down a few times with Jordana while she's here.  Last week was a beautiful visit!  Great weather, light crowd, lots of fun!

I mentioned to Tom that Dominik hasn't had many pictures taken of him on our outings, so Tom made sure to take a lot of pictures of Dominik on this trip!  The kids always like to go up the Sky Tower first thing.  They call it "the double-decker doghnut."

We started to sit in the same section for the Shamu show as the last time...then I remembered that the sun shines in our faces there and we quickly moved.  Natalie enjoyed the show sooo much better this time!


 Left to right, Jordana, Natalie (in a poncho), Tom and Lukas (in a poncho).  They get very wet on this ride...apparently the couple in the raft with them were a little surprised at how WET  you do get!

Konrad is so photogenic!

Dominik, Jordana and Lukas enjoying the Pets Rule show.

We'll try to go down one more time before Jordana leaves...and then take a break from Sea World for a month or so!  It's a lot of fun, and especially when we go more than once, it's easier to plan our visit.

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Patty said...

You all are such a nice-looking family! I'm glad you have season passes - I used to love going to Sea World when we would vacation in the area... Hopefully we can get back there some day!