Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Super Bowl--For the record

We usually go to Joan and Boyd's house for a fabulous Super Bowl party...except the years when we're sick (which seems to often happen in February at our home).  This was one of the years we missed because of sickness.  Thankfully I was the only one who came down with the flu, and I really only had it three days, but it definitely meant no social activities.  Tom was feeling poorly with something else, so we all stayed home.

But that left a lot of cookies that we had made especially for the party to be eaten (Jordana spent a lot of time decorating them).  Natalie says she will help!

 We had a picnic dinner in the living room.  Tom and I rooted for the Ravens (I often cheer on the underdog if I don't really care who wins) so Lukas decided he would cheer for them too.

 Touchdown Ravens!  I think shortly after this I pointed out to Lukas that he was actually wearing San Francisco colors, and he ran and changed his shirt.

It was a memorable Super Bowl...the boys (and we) had to be patient during the power outage, and there were several plays that rarely happen (Lukas is especially interested in things that are rare).  But hopefully next year we'll be healthy on Super Bowl Sunday and share the day with friends.

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