Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Concert (or Visiting Your Cousin At Work Day)

Jordana, Lukas, Leif Jr. and Leif Sr.
Lukas' second-cousin Leif is in the band Jeremy C a m p, which regularly tours through California.  While Jordana was here I thought that a concert would be a fun activity, and she and Lukas had never been to a really big concert before (the arena seats 11,000).  We arranged to meet Leif before the concert and got the behind the scenes tour.  We were able to get seats right in front of the mixing boards, which according to Leif is the best spot in the house.  I think it was the best spot, but it also was probably the loudest spot (note to self; bring ear plugs next time).  I believe there were a total of eight bands and Jeremy C a m p was second to last.  We really enjoyed most of the bands, and I really liked the big and clean sound of Jeremy C a m p and MercyMe.  Did I mention it was really loud?  It was fun watching Leif work, and it was nice hanging out with him before and during the concert.

Leif hard at work

The tour bus

Jeremy C a m p

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