Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Dominik!

Dominik is three today!  We had a fabulous party for him with friends last week, and celebrated with family's a quick picture of the birthday boy, with more coming tomorrow.

The biggest accomplishment for Dominik today, besides turning three of course, was throwing away all his pacifiers.  I started working on him a few weeks ago, suggesting that when he turns three, he will be a big boy and not need a pacifier anymore.  Today I mentioned he wouldn't need one anymore, but he said he still wanted a pacifier.  Then this evening when I suggested putting them in the trash, he willingly got the pacy from his bed and put it in the trash!  He found another one in his bed at bedtime and said, "Here's another pacy I need to put in the trash."  No crying, no problem!  Go Dominik!

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