Monday, May 6, 2013

The Birthday Party

Aren't you shocked?  Two blog posts in two days!  Here is a picture of Dominik on his actual birthday, yesterday.  We got him that frog chair and an inflatable pool (it was 95 degrees on Friday, so we went to the that we have a pool, it's not warm enough to use it!) and he planted himself in the chair with a few of his favorite things:  Thomas, his sunglasses, his pacy and his blankie.  As you will note from yesterday's post, that was his final use of the pacy...he gathered them all up and put them in the trash.

Dominik is peeking over my shoulder saying, "There's me with my glasses and with my Thomas and with my frog chair.  Happy Birthday to me!"

And here are the rest of the pictures from the party last week.  We had a Cars theme, and since I wanted to keep it simple, the main activity was the kids running around in their cardboard car characters.  Kudos to Tom for spray painting 8 boxes, taping them open and cutting holes for the kids to hold the boxes. Dominik chose Lightning McQueen, of course.


Natalie made a picture with stickers.

 Some of the kids decorating their cars with stickers, getting ready for the races.

In addition to making the cars, Tom also cut a cool CD of race music:  engine-revving sounds, the National Anthem, songs from the movie Cars, and other car-related songs...there really are a lot of songs in tribute to cars!  Here Tom is the pace car, trying to get the kids to go in some sort of order around our yard.



The bubble area was really more interesting for some of the younger kids...but moms said they played with their cars more when they got home.


Dominik watched his three siblings have birthdays in December and February and it was FINALLY his turn!

Cake!  Dominik asked for party hats, and he actually liked wearing his.

He did a great job of opening the presents and thanking his guests. 

A few of the racing fans.

 Natalie likes to swing with something waving...good use for the race flags.

The big kids did a nice job of helping their siblings during the party, but at the end they gathered for Wii.

And Dominik's favorite present, the one he wanted to play with right away?  A bottle of bubbles.

Simple is good!  Happy Birthday Dominik!

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Kristin @ Petal and Thorn said...

What a great party! Sisi is enjoying looking at the pictures right now!