Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Tom!

We had a fun birthday celebration for Tom this weekend: visiting Chris and Jim on Saturday and then birthday breakfast, lunch and dinner on Sunday.  Tom's favorite dessert is chocolate eclair, so that's what I made for his birthday.

Natalie did a great job bringing Dad's eclair out to him.

The view from Tom's seat, as we sang Happy Birthday, complete with bells and kazoo.

Happy Birthday Tom!

I commented that making eclairs is easier than baking a cake...I should do it more often than just on Tom's birthday.  I know he would agree!  And eclairs are starting to grow on the kids too...  I mean, they're starting to like them--they don't have eclairs growing on them.

Saturday we drove by Tom's childhood home in the Valley.  He was impressed that one of the junipers that his dad planted when Tom was a baby was still alive.  Even though it's a beautiful tree, Tom looks better, don't you think?

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