Monday, June 3, 2013

Winding down the school year

I haven't posted much on school lately.  I intend to blog more than I do...that computer crash back in February really set us back in more ways than just money!  I find it more difficult to blog on the new computer, the pictures don't download the same, I can't edit them the same way as before, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Just stop making excuses and finish a blog post already, right?  Ok, I will, but not before I state HOW much I hate Windows 8.  Ok, now I feel better.

Anyway, here are a few pictures as we wind down the school year.  The boys have another week of school (which will probably stretch to two weeks since we've just recently fallen behind my lesson plans) and Natalie has another 2.5 weeks.  So be on the lookout for last day of school pics soon!

  Konrad's recorder recital

The boys posing with Lukas and Konrad's solar system box for astronomy class.

Natalie's Open House with her wonderful teacher and fabulous aide.

Another aide at school made her a Tinkerbell doll balloon for the carnival before Open House.

 Natalie loves her Tinkerbell!

We held an art show at home with Lukas and Konrad's art from the homeschool co-op.  
There was ice cream, too!

I pinned most of their art on the pulley line to their fort for viewing...

...the rest was on the deck.

Lukas and Konrad were both quite prolific this year.

After/during the art show, the kids played in the box from our new water heater.  Water heaters are much too expensive, but, hey, at least there's a box!

  And the pictures are priceless, right?

 It's all fun and games until...

...someone gets kicked!

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