Tuesday, June 11, 2013

School is out!

At least, school is out for our homeschool boys.  Natalie still has 6 more days of school, which is actually good because we can get used to our summer schedule and then when she is home I'll already have it figured out so it will be easy to add a fourth child.

But first, let's celebrate summer by getting a haircut!  Dominik and Konrad were gung-ho about getting a summer buzz, but Lukas was not.  He readily accepted it, but said, "Next year I'll just keep my hair the same."  But one day later I think he likes it!

That was a lot of hair that came off!

Last week we had fun and games at the homeschool co-op.  Here's Dominik bowling.

Lukas and Konrad doing the hula.  These are the only pictures I caught of them since I was hanging out with Dominik during the games and the older kids went outside and did races and other contests.

Then everyone went outside to eat donuts off a string.  Konrad is still trying to not use his hands (although his hand is on the string) while Dominik says, "that's what hands are for!"

Lukas and Dominik liked the "find the gum in the pile of whipped cream and blow a bubble game" but Konrad doesn't like whipped cream or gum, and definitely doesn't want stuff on his face.  This summer I need to teach Lukas how to blow a bubble.  Dominik just swallowed his.

Last week we also had a birthday weekend:  celebrating Paige's first birthday with Russ and Karen.  Natalie likes to sit in a bounce house and get bounced by other people.

This was my best attempt to get all four kids in the picture (I think that's Natalie's arm sneaking in on the left).
Then we visited Chris and Jim, where Chris presented a yummy ice cream cake to Tom for his birthday.

Going back to last month, we attended Lukas' beginning band concert.  Great job Lukas!  This summer he is taking intermediate band lessons.

Lukas is behind the girl in the red dress.

And more pictures from Natalie's Open House.  Natalie is showing us her table and the work she's been doing this year.  Great progress, Natalie!

 Dominik's favorite part of the Open House was getting to slide down the big slide at Natalie's school.

I asked, "What will I do with myself now that school is out?"  Hopefully blogging will be at least one thing I do this summer!

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