Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

How could you not have a happy Father's Day after viewing this?  The kids had so much fun with this Father's Day card.

Happy Father's Day, Tom!  The Happy Ones all know you are the best Dad ever!

Here was our Father's Day breakfast:  ham and eggs, hashbrowns, toast and melon.

And Tom's batch of Bircher Muesli (a Swiss meal that he requested) for lunch after church.  I found muesli at a store recently, so I got the ingredients for Bircher Muesli and Tom mixed them to get the right proportions.  Tom's wearing one of his Father's Day shirts.

For dinner, Tom chose pasta with pesto and meatballs.  We had a feast with kale, salad and melon too!

Tom tried to read after lunch, but Lukas and Konrad kept interrupting with special Lego creations they made for Father's Day.  I think he finally read something without interruption, but it wasn't easy.  I think it was a great day, and I think Tom had fun too.  I know the kids had fun!

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