Saturday, June 22, 2013

Just another day at the beach

What is summer vacation without the beach?  I don't know!

 Lukas made a friend at the beach and they played in the waves a long time.

Natalie and Tom had fun in the water until Natalie decided to warm up on the dry sand.

Lukas loved being the one covered in sand (his head is under the blue towel).  That's the new beach tent I received for Mother's Day right behind them.  I could write an ad for how great a beach tent it is!  So much better than the super brellas we saw on the beach (like the one in the background of this picture).  I especially loved that I could be on one side the tent and I could see through to the boys playing behind the tent.  And set up and take down was so much easier than a beach umbrella.  Ok, I said I could write an ad...I'm not really going to!

 Konrad and Dominik played in the water, but also spent time cooking in the sand.  Dominik said he was making "cake soup."

 Dominik's favorite part of the day was eating the candy necklaces I brought along.  Once he figured it out, he ate it up pretty quickly!

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