Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer school and play

It's summer vacation, but I think I would go crazy--and the kids would turn into vegetables--if we didn't have a summer schedule.  Our mornings are similar to school mornings, except they are relaxed because we don't have to take Natalie to school, and we're not really doing school...just keeping up skills so they don't atrophy during the summer.

Natalie's work this morning.

So after breakfast and chores, we still do Bible time and music practice, but they can start later and last longer.  Then about 8 or 8:30 we switch to summer school until 10 am.  Lukas, Natalie and Konrad are all doing a page a day from "Draw Write Now":  they draw the picture and then write the verse.  Since Lukas and Konrad usually write in cursive, I'm having them practice printing with this task.  Natalie is doing great, but I have to sit next to her and keep her focused to keep her on task...or else she's off to read her favorite princess book.

 Konrad's bison.


I also have Lukas and Konrad writing a page a day in their journals.  Konrad can also draw a picture if there is enough space (usually there is).  Here's Konrad's entry from today.

And Lukas' entry from today (he wrote a page and a half).

What about Dominik?  He's working on coloring.  I'm excited that he's working on coloring the objects and not just making mess of scribbles on the page.  He also puts puzzles together and plays with shapes.

Lukas is also continuing math that wasn't completed this past year.  Last summer I switched from Abeka Math to Singapore Math, so to help Lukas make the transition, we re-did second grade math in Singapore.  We went through it more quickly than normal, but now at the end of third grade, there's enough of third grade math left to keep him busy during the summer...which is great because kids need to do math during the summer so they don't forget, right?  We should be nearly ready to start fourth grade Singapore in the fall when he starts fourth grade.

Natalie's aide sent her first grade workbooks home at the end of school, so we're going through them again, especially working on the areas she didn't complete during school.  I definitely want her to work on math every day, and we'll look at her reading workbooks as we have time.  I haven't figured out what to give Konrad for math during the summer.  Hmmm.

We're usually done by 10 and then it's play the rest of the day, except for reading/quiet time after lunch and during Dominik's nap time.  I also "scheduled" wii play for Lukas and Konrad during Dominik's nap a couple times a week.  This morning all the kids rode their bikes and trikes around the block and right now they're running around chasing each other.  Look for a hospital visit soon!  Just kidding.

I'm also trying to arrange one playdate a week, and one splash pad outing a week.  We already do swimming lessons once a week, Lukas has band once a week, and Konrad and Lukas have recorder and drums once a week.  The only thing left to add to the mix is Natalie's PT and OT, for which we will have to go to the clinic (I was spoiled with all her PT and OT happening at school!)

It will be a busy summer!

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Patty said...

Wow, you all are quite the busy bees!!! Stephen was really taken with Natalie's pig story, since his favorite song right now is about a Big Pig. The boys are doing so well with their cursive - so much better than anything else I've seen at their age!!!! What a fun and busy summer you all will have!