Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eyes, Switzerland, Presidents, Family, Oh My!

Thanks for your prayers and kind inquiries about Natalie's eyes.  She appears to be doing well after her surgery last week.  She has another post-op doctor's appointment tomorrow so we will have more information then.  She has been sleeping even more than usual (12 hours last night, then a nap today!) but that could also be due to the crazy weekend we just returned from.

Kathrin came back for a short visit!  Kathrin is our Swiss friend who first visited in 2009, then again in 2011.  So we are expecting her to visit again in 2015!

We had been planning to go camping last weekend with Kathrin, but when Natalie's eye surgery was scheduled, that plan of course had to change.  Instead, we visited Tom's sister Patrice, and on the way there we stopped at the Reagan Library (really great if you've never been there) and saw the Lincoln exhibit that was currently on display.

Posing with one of only three remaining Lincoln hats.

They didn't allow any flash photography, so some of these are only so-so, but the boys are still cute in front of this gargantuan Lincoln head.  It was so life-like!

Lukas and Konrad giving their first inaugural addresses.

They had fun interactive programs to pick the design of state china, and flower arrangements.  Hey, if it's a computer program, kids will love it!

From the moment we arrived, Dominik wanted to go on the airplane (Air Force One that Reagan flew on).  For over an hour, he kept on saying, "I want to go on the airplane!"  Now he finally sees Air Force One, walks through it and sees the set up for the President, First Lady and their entourage, and why is he crying?  Because he thought he was going to fly on it!

Cute vanity plate! Cuter boy!

Lukas with Marine One.

Natalie had a fun time, but was content to ride in the stroller most of the time (this was two days after her eye surgery).

Kathrin enjoying the view from the hangar.

The boys always love checking out the details in this Jelly Belly portrait of Reagan.

Now this was for Natalie...she loved saying "giddy up horsey!"  She kept asking, "What is the horse's name?" even though he is plastic and is cut off at the knees.  She had such a great time on the horse!

The final resting place of Ronald Reagan.

Boys will always check out a warning sign...that's what they are there for!

And then it was on to Patrice and Patrick's home.  The boys love playing with other people's Legos.  They like their own, but somehow the Legos are different at other homes.

Natalie loved petting and talking to the cat.

The cat liked Natalie for a little while...usually in the morning, and by the afternoon she was done.

We rode scooters on the beach...

...and played at a playground...

...and watched a train go by on the way back.  The boys loved this part!

There was great food...we love love love Patrice's salads!

Patrice and Konrad in Patrick's fabulous garden.

Patrick also made his famous sourdough waffles...which are especially tasty with Legos (jk).

Patrick walked us through parts of the beer-making process.  Lukas is tasting some malt.

Watching barley go into the hopper to be crushed.

Patrick with his micro-brewery.  We had several excellent homemade beers this weekend!

Lukas and the Lego trains he built this weekend.  I can read Cosco and BNSF...don't know about the others, but they are all names of containers he saw on the drive there.

Nothing like a little rushing air to calm the senses!

And then we were home and it was time for Kathrin to leave.  Great memories and expectations of another visit in a few years!

Thanks to Patrice and Patrick for hosting us for a wonderful weekend. 

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