Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Natalie's eye surgery

Today Natalie went in for a pupilloplasty (not a pupilectomy like I called it) to correct the shape of her pupil.  Scar tissue from one of the shunts that she had placed two years ago was causing her pupil to become misshapen, and when the pupil is not round, it affects her ability to focus and see.

Here were some pictures I took of her eye this morning...she was so patient with me!

Tom took her to the hospital and enjoyed using the FasTrak lane for the first time (We got a FasTrak pass just for this reason).

Natalie is excited that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on the TV at the hospital.

And that is what she looks like on Versed, waiting to go into the operating room.

The surgery was a success:  as soon as the surgeon released the scar tissue around the shunt, the pupil went back to round and centered.  The surgeon said her eye pressure was high, so she put in a second shunt. 

Right now Natalie is crashed out in her bedroom, still sleeping off the surgery.  Thanks for your continued prayers for a complete recovery:  good healing, no infection, and that Natalie keeps her hands off her eyes.

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