Monday, July 22, 2013

Nudging an entrepreneur?

Lukas and Tom (mostly Tom!) have been helping an elderly neighbor lady with her sprinklers and landscaping over the years.  This year, Tom has given more responsibility to Lukas, up to his ability.  Last weekend Lukas replaced a few sprinklers in her yard, and Tom promised to pay Lukas for his work, from the money she had allotted for the project.

A neighbor who happened by is peering into what Lukas is doing...I think he's trying to learn something about sprinklers from Lukas.  Lukas has a long history of working with sprinklers, so he could teach a lot!

Konrad is trying to learn too, but he is not nearly as interested in sprinklers and pipes as Lukas is.

Lukas reveled in using his knowledge of pipes and sprinklers...and in getting dirt under his fingernails!

Tom and I have been talking to Lukas about him buying a used lawnmower to start a lawn mowing business, but he is hesitant.  The explanation for Lukas' hesitancy seems to be that he doesn't think he mows a lawn well, and if he spends the money on a lawnmower and then gets fired for not doing a good job, he's out the money for the lawnmower.  So maybe he needs a little more training on lawn mowing with our mower (which isn't big enough to use outside our backyard).  He has at least one certain customer (us), and hopefully the lady across the street.  I think there are several other neighbors who don't have regular gardeners who would also pay him for mowing their lawn.  Thanks to any who encourage him in this endeavor the next time you see him!

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