Sunday, July 21, 2013

First movie theater!

It's true.  These children have never been to a movie theater before....

Yes, our children are completely deprived. We have intended to take them to a movie several times before this, but it never worked out...appropriate movies are few and far between, then we always seemed to be busy doing something else and by the time we were ready to go, the movie was already out of the theater and on DVD, where we would buy it.

But today, we saw Monsters University!  The kids loved it, and Tom and I thought it was pretty good too.  New experience, so I didn't know what to expect.  Natalie read words on the screen outloud, fairly loudly, so I had to hush her some.  She would also repeat a few lines that were given forcefully.  There were a lot of kids in the audience, so it was ok, but now we know what to talk to Natalie about before we go the next time.

After the movie, Natalie being a monster.

More monster roars!

These children are no longer deprived...they have been to a movie theater!

After the movie we went to Wendy's for dinner.

Tom convinced Natalie to try french fries dipped in ice cream.  Not anything I have ever tried, but Tom seemed quite familiar with it.

After the movie, Dominik commented several times, "We have to buy that movie."  Then he seemed to be expecting that we would go buy it right now!  Maybe Christmas...

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