Monday, July 8, 2013

Fourth of July Fireworks

This year our Fourth of July celebration started a little early, with selling fireworks for Lukas and Konrad's homeschool band group.  Tom was sick so I took his shift and Lukas came along to advertise in front of the fireworks stand.

Wouldn't you want to stop and buy fireworks here?

Lukas played his saxophone for a while, then because kids under 18 aren't allowed in the fireworks stand, he stacked the empty boxes to create a fort (you can see him in the bottom of the picture).

On the Fourth, Dominik helped with the most important part of baking brownies.

H had an all around great time at the party!  I thought the fireworks would be too loud for some of the younger ones, but I was wrong.

Ryan and Windy!

 After dinner but before the fireworks, we took turns reading the Declaration of Independence.

I guess it was starting to cool off because people wanted blankets!

Don reading a portion of the Declaration.  Natalie is in the swing behind him and I was relieved she didn't spin into him.

The boys tried to come up with something interesting to do since the language of the Declaration isn't how we speak these days.

But near the end, Lukas expressed interest in reading a portion of the Declaration, so he read the names of the 56 men who mutually pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.  Great job Lukas!

John, Mary and Jackie.

Jordan and Ronette.

 Tom starting the fireworks show.  The pipes on the fireworks display stand are the "firework suppression system" that Lukas designed and built.

 Happy Independence Day!

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