Tuesday, July 9, 2013

RTS Reunion...

...in Las Vegas.  My kids were wondering why RTS Day is July 3 (too close to July 4, and too hot!)  When I explained it was organized by someone in Australia, it all made sense (they don't celebrate July 4, and it's winter there, so why not have another holiday?)  Ok, it was also the date Dr. Jack Rubinstein died, so it is related to the syndrome that way.  So nine RTS families in the Western U.S. met in Las Vegas this past weekend despite the heat and the holiday.  We had so much fun!  I had only ever met one of the moms who attended, but had talked with another on the phone and several online, so it was great to finally meet in person.  And our kids all had a lot of fun meeting each other.

Since it was all about RTS, I'll start with the RTS group shot, which unfortunately doesn't include two of the boys who were there, Gavin and Charlie.  L-R:  Rebecca, Aushay, George, twins Mattie and Megan, Mia on a lap, Natalie, Naomi in Leilani's lap.

We got together with a few RTS families Friday night, then Saturday morning went to breakfast at one of the restaurants at the hotel.

Then we went to the Adventuredome for kids play.  Here's Lukas in the bungee ride.

Konrad wants to make sure we see Lukas...

...before he takes on the climbing wall.

That's me taking pictures, with Dominik in the car with me.

Konrad and Lukas getting ready for the ride.

Dominik and Natalie on the carousel.

How is it possible...all four children facing the camera!

And here is the collage with all three boys' mouths open...

Then it was time for lunch with the RTS families.  Rebecca, Mia, Aushay and George, with grandparents.

Rebecca, George and Natalie...dancing!

There's Gavin and Charlie (missing from our group shot), with Rebecca and George.

 Natalie is wondering which slice of cake is hers...

...this one!

There's sweet Naomi...so great to meet her and her family!

Here's a short video of some of the kids in action.

Thanks again to Brianne for organizing the event...so wonderful to meet other families who are sharing the joys and challenges that we do.

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aitcho58 said...

Thanks so much for sharing this lovely time.
We have been to the Australian RTS get together... where it is cold and no holiday!!
Karen John and Blake (23 RTS)