Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Adventure Playground

Adventure Playground has been a summer tradition for several years, and this year Konrad was finally old enough to go!  There are a lot of younger kids there, but it's recommended for age 5 and up, and I think it's a good recommendation.  Tom took Lukas and Konrad last month, but somehow the pictures of that outing have disappeared, so hear are the pictures from this week's outing, with friends.

Lukas using the saw on the fort.

Nate and Konrad sharing a raft.

Lukas make a sign, to point to the entrance?

Yeah, they got a little dirty!

Nate and Ben in line for the mud slide.

Konrad on a raft by himself...he was good at maneuvering it around!

Lukas posing with the little fort he made.  He said he wasn't going to get wet this time, and then decided to go down the mudslide right before we were ready to leave (insert rolling eyes).

Hey, there was a moms pose too!  Angie, Liz and me.

And the boys...Ben, Nate, Lukas and Konrad

This is the last week of the summer that it is open, so we hope to see you again next year, Adventure Playground!

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