Monday, August 12, 2013

Another day at the beach

We haven't actually been to the beach that many times this summer...maybe four or five...and last Friday was probably our last beach outing before school starts (wow!)  What a fun day we had with Matt and Jen and their family...between their six kids and our four, we are a large group!

You know these three musketeers...

Two people missing from this picture:  Jen, and Tom (taking the picture!)  Everyone else is part of our group.  The kids built a canal from the ocean. It's hard to see our boys because they borrowed wetsuits...but that's Natalie in pink.

 Looking inland at the canal.

Jen keeping Dominik and Deacon occupied.

 Tom took our boys and Max on an exploration of rocks and caves away from the beach.

It was a very fun day!  The weather was predicted to be in the high 60s, but it was probably in the mid 70s...just warm enough to be comfortable.  Still waiting for hot weather this summer!

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