Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2013 Vacation 3

After Augusta, we drove to Charlotte, NC to visit Tom's brother, George and Leanne.

But first we stopped at the Nascar Hall of Fame!

And we stopped at a plantation...unfortunately they were filming a commercial in the back so we didn't get to tour as much as we'd hoped.

We had such a nice visit with George and Leanne!  George is showing the boys some arrow heads, I think.

And we enjoyed worshiping with them before heading to Raleigh.

We were so busy talking the whole time, we didn't get many pictures of them, but one final before saying good-bye.

On the way to Raleigh we stopped at the Battle of Alamance (to throw in a little Revolutionary War history on our Civil War tour).

We had so much fun staying with Tomra and Shane in Raleigh.  Here Tom caught us enjoying conversation in their beautiful garden.

The kids loved the private entrance to the neighbor's chicken coop.  Wow!  A picture of Dominik smiling!

While we were there, we explored the Duke Gardens...not enough time to do it justice, so we will have to come back!

Dominik is again in his "no pictures" mood.

Lukas and Konrad stayed back to watch a stone mason put in dry-fit flag stones.

I couldn't believe the size of those lilly pads:  as big as a large pizza!

The next day Tomra and Ireland joined us at the Raleigh Science Museum and met Niki, Jessica, Jake and Noah.

Then we followed Niki home to their new home, and ate venison that Tom (Niki's Tom, not my Tom) shot with a bow and arrow!  Ok, I think this picture is of brownie and ice cream, but the venison was so fabulous!

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures...but I have to capture these kids before they grow.  And I know they will grow before the next time we see each other.

Niki and me...it was so great to see them again!

The next morning, Tomra served grits with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  So tasty and colorful!

The kids got their Lego fix before we headed off.  Such a beautiful family room!

Natalie was happy to read a book in the morning light.  Ireland gave her a princess book, and Natalie talked about Ireland and her gift the rest of the trip!

Thanks so much for a great visit, Tomra and Shane!

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