Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 Vacation 4

Wow, I'd better get these pictures posted quickly...I'm already forgetting our trip!  Before leaving Raleigh we visited the Bennett Farm, site of the largest troop surrender of the Civil War.

This was supposedly where Sherman and Johnston shook hands in unity.  We had Lukas and Konrad re-enact for posterity.

The kids saw tobacco for the first time.

Then we pressed on to Natural Bridge in Virginia.  Here's a butterfly room, with Konrad and Dominik watching the butterflies emerge.

Natalie loved the butterflies!

Then we walked through the Natural Bridge, which George Washington surveyed and Thomas Jefferson owned.

 Then it was on to Stonewall Jackson's home for a quick tour.  The garden was more interesting than...

...the tour of the house, to our younger kids.

Tom took Lukas and Konrad to more Robert E. Lee sites while I stayed with Natalie and Dominik in the car for a nap

Virginia Military Academy

And one shot of the beautiful vines growing on trees all over Virginia.

But wait, there's more!

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