Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our new home!

We have closed on our new home!  We are so excited that God has blessed us with such a beautiful home.  It met all the requirements we had when we first started looking:  less than 30 minute commute from Tom's work, all the bedrooms on one floor (since Natalie is still wobbly on stairs...and, hey, we are getting older) at least one acre of land, and allows us to raise chickens.  You wouldn't believe how many lots of one acre don't allow chickens!  Anyway, we are thrilled with our new home and the kids love love love it too. 

It's actually on just over 2 acres, and all the bedrooms are on the first floor, plus there is a finished basement where we will have our school room (hallelujah! we don't have to clean up from school every time we have a meal!), plus a guest room (so let us know if you are in the area and we have space for friends and family to stay).

There are a few things that need repair before we move in, and the dining room has carpeting so since we have the time, we will replace that with something that is more easily cleaned.  We have several more months on the lease of the house we are currently in, but we would like to move in to the new home by the end of January.  Any way it goes, we have lots of time so we don't feel rushed.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers for a smooth transition.  We feel so blessed to have found the perfect property for us. Now the work begins!

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Arryn said...

Looks super fabulous. So very happy for you in this new adventure!!