Saturday, December 7, 2013

Konrad is 6!

Konrad has soooo looking forward to turning six years old, and the day finally arrived.  A few days ago we got a hint that there might be snow on his birthday, and every day the weather forecast became more and more certain that there would be snow...and today we woke up to three inches of white stuff.  Definitely a birthday wish come true!

Konrad received several fun presents.  He especially liked the wii game Lukas bought for him.

After cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs for breakfast, the boys headed outside to do manly work like shoveling snow.

Then it was time to come inside and warm up...and play wii.

And then more playing in the snow.  This is right after Lukas covered Konrad completely with snow.  Unfortunately, the snow is too dry to make snowballs or snowmen, BECAUSE IT HASN'T BEEN ABOVE FREEZING ALL DAY, but it was great for playing in anyway.

After Dominik's nap, we went to see "Planes" at the theater.

While at dinner at Applebees, Konrad said he didn't really like the movie "Planes" and he also doesn't like the movie "Cars."  Wow, what a revelation!  Tom and I did not know this!  But the meal was great, and the rest of us liked the movie.

Then we went home for chocolate cake.

Last big bite of birthday cake is put away for another year.

Happy Birthday Konrad!  You are growing up so much and we are so proud of you!  Six is going to be a great year!

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