Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Lukas!

Happy Birthday Lukas!  Lukas' first birthday gift(s) came a few days before, when we got two kittens.  Lukas was quite generous and decided that the boys would name the boy cat and Natalie would name the girl cat.  The boys reached consensus and the boy cat's name is Alex.  Natalie had not expressed a preference for a name for the girl cat, even with lots of suggestions.  So I gave her a choice:  Leah (as in Alex and Leah of Signing Time) or Zelda (as in A to Z).  She agreed to Leah, so the naming is done. 

All the kids love the cats!

Here's Natalie with Leah.

Birthday cake is an important part of a birthday, right?  This year I actually planned ahead and made the cake the day before, and Lukas helped frost it.  He requested vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.

Birthday breakfast...homemade cinnamon rolls.

Now that we are no longer living in the land of eternal sunshine, it's more work to plan a birthday outing, but the weather cooperated and the sun shone on Lukas' birthday and he had a great outing with his friend Willem, and Konrad.  They went fishing and Lukas used a new rod and reel.  I wish that were Tom's new offroad vehicle, but it's just a random Jeep.

Then back home for dinner and cake.

We had fun remembering 10 years of Lukas and looking forward to another great year ahead!

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