Friday, March 7, 2014

Catching up

No excuses!  I often forget to blog when I have some free I'm actually happy that I remembered to blog today.  I hope it will become a habit again, but no promises.  So to catch up, here are some random pictures from the past few months.

I had a birthday.  What was I thinking?  I planned a bunch of errands with four kids...I was exhausted by the time we were done, so we went to Sonic for lunch.  Then I remembered that there's not indoor seating (and it was raining) so we ate in the car and it actually went pretty well!

 Then we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner on my birthday.  What a fun day!

Dominik found out what happens when he draws with a pen.

One day we went on a long ride to find the sun, after 15 days without the sun.  We didn't find it, but Dominik had a nap and Lukas helped keep the kink out of his neck.

Jessie had an eye appointment..., make that NATALIE had an eye appointment.  She has made friends with her new ophthalmologist, who has given her slightly different eye drops.  Thankfully, the new drops are controlling her eye pressures well, and they don't sting as much!

We went for walks during recess.  That's Dominik going out our driveway to the street.

Then it snowed again and we played in the snow a lot, after we shoveled the snow.

Apparently, we taught a snowman how to ride a bike!

And smiled a lot!

Then we moved in to our new house! Lots of friends helped us move, and Lukas put the new wheelbarrow together.

Here's our first dinner after moving in.  The meal was provided by our new neighbor.

Then Natalie got to ride a bus to school!

She loves riding the bus...such a thrill!

So we've been taking walks (this is our street, with the mountains behind).

And Tom got a new toy, to mow all that grass behind him (that's our front yard)... well as the backyard.  When we're not playing, of course!

 Lukas and Konrad are learning about chickens at 4H...

 ...the instructor called them "enthusiastic," maybe because Lukas can already identify lots of chicken breeds.

Lukas made a marshmallow gun at Cadets.  I don't think he'd had so much fun in a while!

 And we have school at home, of course...

...and we decorated the kids' rooms.  The boys have a hunting lodge theme, and Natalie has a princess theme (her wall is a castle stone...more pics to come).

Natalie doesn't have to walk to and from school, but the walk to and from the bus is still exercise.

And she's always eager to say hi to the cats.  "Two kittens!" she says.

And we do more schoolwork...

...and read library books...

...and do homework.

To summarize, this is what I'm doing this weekend:  starting seeds indoor!

 And this is what we hope to be doing next month.

Ok, I'm caught to stay caught up!

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