Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring! Spring Break!

This post covers a lot of activities since the last post.  Yes, spring has sprung, and we just finished Spring Break, so there were lots of fun activities.  Whew, I'm tired!  Time to start school again!

Lukas and Konrad attended another 4H meeting to learn more about chickens.  Tom has made a lot of progress on the chicken coop, but that is another post.

All the kids enjoy playing with the cats.  Here's Dominik leading one to chase him.

Natalie is playing with Leah.

I'm using the bread maker a lot more these's not just for cinnamon rolls!  I made pizza dough with it last night, and set the timer for fresh applesauce bread to be ready for breakfast.

Lukas and Konrad made a swing for Natalie on the same tree that holds their tree fort.  She loves it!  It's a little close to the trunk, but if we are all careful, it works pretty well.

Konrad is practicing the trick of pinching the candles out.  He's done it once!

I went to our local grocery store to ask them to get a Caroline's Cart, and it turns out they already have them!  Natalie likes her big girl seat, and I'm glad to not have to lift her in and out of the cart.

Tom tested out his new pruning chain saw.  We have a lot of trees that haven't been kept up for a while, so it's going to be great.  Good thing Tom loves yard work!

Lukas and Konrad tried out the BMX bike course near our much fun!  Konrad likes the skate part better and Lukas likes the BMX course better, so we can switch off which one they go to and everyone gets to do both.  There's even a place for Dominik to ride his trike at both places.

We went for a hike one day and Natalie enjoyed the ride.

Dominik found more rocks

And it seemed only fitting that we should visit Krispy Kreme again during Spring Break...

...don't you think?

Lukas started working on a scarecrow for the garden.  Here's the Frankenstein face he made!

Tom is teaching the boys how to play Risk.  Does anyone play that anymore?

I started a project to put new covers on our dining room chairs.  I'm so happy with how the first one turned out! The vinyl will wipe clean with no evidence of the copious amount of food that falls.

Lukas went to an archery Open House with Rusty.

And we have beautiful sunsets many nights each week!

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Rita Gehman said...

It looks like you are getting to be just as talented as Dad is in sewing upholstery and vinyl for custom furniture.

And yes, people still play Risk. Or, at least, I do. :)