Friday, March 14, 2014

A fun week!

My talk to GEMS the other night went really well...thanks for your prayers.  It's a great group of girls and they were genuinely interested in understanding disabilities better and how they can include Natalie.  One girl asked if Natalie will be in GEMS next year (we hope so...but she needs so much sleep that it's not an option this year for her to be out so late), and another asked "where is the syndrome in her?"  And a middle-school girl talked to me afterward because she wants to work in special ed!  So heart-warming!

Here's a recap of a few of our activities this week.  We started the week with a hailstorm!  The boys and I were outside watching lightning shoot across the sky, when we heard the sound of rushing was the sound of hail coming, but we didn't know what it was.  We got inside about 5 seconds before the hail came down.  Tom arrived home in the middle of it (he saw some of our poor neighbors running home from walking their dogs).  Here we are checking out the hailstones afterward.


The next morning there was still water on the driveway so we went hunting for earthworms. Our garden needs them because there hasn't been much growing in that space, so I'm not sure there are any worms.

Konrad working on  Dominik is looking forward to learning this in a few years.

Our tomato seeds sprouted on the fourth day!   Can you see those little white specs?  That's the beginning of a tomato plant.  It's so fun to check them every morning.

 Tom converted an old garage light and hooked it up on the counter in the laundry room, so we have lots of space to start more plants as we get closer to the last freeze and planting time.  Thanks Tom!

One day we took a long recess and went to a skate park that is 5 minutes from our house.  And it's free!  The boys had so much fun!

After they were tired from scootering, we went for a walk in the hills.  I wanted to hike, but the boys just looked for rocks.  So I walked backwards the whole way up the hill, and it was still faster than they were walking.

Dominik found a rock he thought looked like Larry the Cucumber, so he brought it home and painted it green.

Then he said it was a puppet, so I taped it to a stick.

 I captured this just this morning...I'm so excited that Dominik is finally holding a pencil correctly (most of the time).  I don't stress about this...I know kids will get it eventually, but it's fun to see how he's adjusted to holding the pencil with just a little regular prompting.  He traced his hand, and colored it in, "for Natalie."

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