Monday, May 5, 2014

Dominik is Four!

Can you believe Dominik is four?  I can't!  What I really can't believe is that my youngest child is four...usually I have a baby somewhere on an arm, so it's really easy (!) to have four kids when the youngest is four.  And if you believe that, I have something to sell you...

...Anyway, this was Dominik's birthday weekend, which started with the hottest day since we've been here (about 85*) so we pulled out the kiddie pool (Dominik has been asking when it would be hot enough for the pool, and it finally was!)

Saturday we went to the river (Dominik has been asking "Why don't we go to the beach anymore?"

He woke up on his birthday a little sad.  Apparently, he had been convinced that he would be significantly larger today, since we've been saying he will be a "big boy when he turns four."  But you can see he was all smiles with his requested cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for breakfast.  We had eggs too, because protein is good with all that sugar.

Natalie went to school, and we did school until 10 am, but Tom took the day off, although not completely.  He pruned a few (!) of our trees, so at recess the boys moved the branches to the burn area.

Then it was time to open presents!

Tom putting up the net so Dominik could try out his new basketball.

Then we went to the skatepark for Dominik to try out his new scooter!

We had lunch...

...and then it was time for more scootering.  The boys got pretty hot and sweaty while Tom and I got cold watching them.  It was fun!

Afternoon pinata derby...Lukas made the car-shaped pinata out of cereal boxes and paper mache and it worked really well!

"Ok, mom, I've had a lot of candy...

...which may be why I only ate one bite of dinner and one bite of chocolate cake."   He was very specific on chocolate cake with strawberries, but he didn't eat it.  I think it was definitely the candy (I think he ate a LOT more than normal because no one was watching).

Wow, he's four!  Here's to a great year, little man!  You are really growing, even if you don't see it...we do!

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