Saturday, May 31, 2014

Things are growing!

I really have had ideas for lots of blog posts, and we've been taking lots of pictures, but somehow they aren't making it on here as quickly as I would like.  Yes, we are very busy!

This is an old picture of the chickens in their brooder box...they are almost twice this size, which is why Tom has been spending every spare moment finishing the chicken coop.

Here the boys are priming the chicken coop.  You will notice that this is smaller than the previous one Tom had been working on...well, this is the perfect size for four chickens, and that's how many we have now.  Next summer, after the bigger coop is finished, we hope to have more chickens.  This pic of the boys is BEFORE they had a paint war and covered each other in paint.  Yeah.

Here's the coop with a few more parts of it finished.  A (mostly) finished coop with chickens in it should be posted soon!

And the plants are growing.  Here is the herb garden I planted outside the back door so I can quickly get herbs for cooking.  Leah is wondering when I will leave so she can dig in the soft dirt without me shooing her away.

Konrad and Dominik love to help me in the garden.  I love to have them help!

That big shadow in the picture below is the cherry tree.  I know, a tree in the middle of the garden, what were they thinking?  Tom has whacked a few branches off to make space for the chicken coop and to provide more sun for the garden, but we plan to remove the cherry tree in the fall (and plant two more in a proper place).  But we'll get lots of cherries this summer!

Drumroll...our first tomato!

And we planted our first fruit trees!   Here's Dominik hiding behind the peach tree...

And helping get their first drink in the ground.

Konrad must have finished his homework and come out to help.  There is a peach, plum and pear in this photo (tiny at the back!) We plan to eventually have six more fruit trees in the backyard and maybe a few cherries in the front yard since they have really nice flowers.

The grape vines have clusters on them!

Oh, yeah, the kids are growing too!  Dominik is now riding his bike with me on I have to run to keep up with him instead of turning back home when he gets tired of walking.

Konrad recently lost his second tooth!

Natalie is on her bed with three of her favorite things:  trains, books and dolls.  It's fun how she rotates through different things as what she wants to play a lot on:  right now, it is definitely trains.

Lukas asked for a buzz cut for his summer haircut...but first I gave him a mohawk before I cut it all off.  I tried to convince him to keep it but he wasn't having any of it.

Lukas plays with his airsoft, and now Konrad is getting old enough to have something (probably a nerf gun).  But everyone learns proper safety, even when it's with a toy (although Dominik is not being safe with his rubber band gun, I know.)  ;)

They are growing like weeds!  I hope to make an announcement soon that Lukas is five feet tall...and the following month he will be taller than I am.  Just kidding, but he is growing fast!

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