Friday, September 5, 2014


In the process of getting new doctors after our move, Lukas' new allergist recommended allergy shots for his environmental allergies and a new blood test for his food allergies.  The allergy shots have been going well:  Lukas is actually happy to have them because he wants to be allergy free...and there are all new things that he is allergic to here.  We didn't have the blood test for food allergies done until a few weeks ago, and then I was shocked to get the call that his blood levels for all three of his food allergies--peanuts, walnuts and clams--are low enough to do a challenge.

This week was the week of the peanut challenge!  For pictures of what he looked like the last time he had an oral challenge, click here. Wow, that was six years ago!

This boy has just eaten 1/2 teaspoon of peanut butter.

That first dose was followed every fifteen minutes by three more doses of increasing quantity of peanut butter.  Then we stayed at the allergist's office for another hour just to make sure.  Amazing!  He didn't break out!

And 24 hours later, no reaction.  Lukas is officially not allergic to peanuts!  I cannot believe it!  This calls for a celebration.  We went to the store and bought eight different kinds of candy THAT CONTAIN fact, peanuts are a major part of their ingredients.  I have not done this for 10 years!

Don't worry, I didn't give him eight candy bars to eat.  Six of us shared was a taste test for Lukas (and his siblings) to try all the candy he has had to keep at a 10-foot pole...and happily he didn't eat it all of his portion in one sitting.  He's saving some for tomorrow.

I'm surprised that Reese's is not his favorite (that and Butterfinger are mine).  He liked the Rolled Salted Peanuts the best, and the Baby Ruth.  But he still has a few more to taste for the first time.

Next up in a world of eating peanuts?  Going to a restaurant with peanut shells on the ground, and going to a Thai restaurant for satay WITH the peanut sauce, thank you very much!

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