Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fair fun

The Fair!  Our kids had been looking forward to showing their chickens at the fair and it finally came! (this happened two weeks before school started).

What's the Fair without fresh peaches?

  Our chickens were at the fair for four days, so the boys signed up to clean cages and feed the chickens in our club for one day...we didn't have to go every day, but we ended up going every day.

First event they entered was the chicken races.  How does a chicken race, you ask?

Individually, in a box like this.  We got video, but no stills of the boys coaxing their chickens to the end with food.

Konrad's bird got third place!  Lukas' bird got second place!  Better yet, now we know how it works so they can do it again next year!

We rode the rides.  Here's Lukas riding the little roller coaster with Dominik.  Such a great big brother!

Konrad wanted to go on the big roller coaster!  He loved it!

The kids enjoyed seeing other animals too.

 And then the big day came:  showing their birds.
Lukas got second place in his division.  Way to go Lukas!

Konrad's division only awards participation awards, but the judge mentioned to me that he did very well.

 Then our four birds were judged for quality.  Natalie's Ameraucana got best of breed (the one next to Konrad)!

And Lukas won Reserve Champion for his poster on best chicken breeds for beginners!

And then it was time to say good-bye to Lukas' rooster, Archimedes.  We sold him to someone at the fair, and bought two new hens.  They are about a month older than our other hens... they are already laying eggs!

We were advised to get two hens that knew each other to add to our existing group, and we're glad we did...the new girls got pecked a lot by our other three hens, but after a few days everyone seems to have settled down.  We think we now have five hens, but when we started comparing birds at the fair with other people's birds, we became suspicious that we still might have a rooster in there...the next few months should put the matter to rest.  At least no one new has started crowing!

And that is the story of the Fair this year.  We had so much fun and we have more ideas about what to do for next year.

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