Friday, November 7, 2014

In Which Natalie Finally Loses Her First Teeth And We Don't Find Them

This is a momentous occasion!  Natalie has finally lost her first tooth, and it is TWO teeth that we notice missing at the same time.  I noticed tonight while getting her ready for bed after a celebratory dinner at Texas Roadhouse (celebrating great grades by the kids), and asked her if they came out at school or at the restaurant.  She said, "At the restaurant."

But we don't have the teeth.

We knew she had two teeth loose, but you know how that can go on forever...

So we don't have the teeth, but we have a beautiful gaping hole on her bottom arch.  For the record, Natalie is one month shy of her ninth birthday and FINALLY gets to celebrate losing a tooth.  Hurrah Natalie!

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